anabole steroide(non-registered)
anabole steroide
Chelsea Barr(non-registered)
Mary is the best photographer! Her pictures are always great, and she's the baby/child whisperer. She's always able to get my kids to give a cheesy smile when they're grumpy!
Jennifer Krieger(non-registered)
I've only seen Mary's photos on Facebook and always love everything about them. The subjects, props, filter, scenery, So, I decided it was my time for people to go gah gah over my photos! Mary worked with me on my limited days since I don't live in Pittsburgh and I was only visiting. I really wanted some type of outdoor shot and she managed to make that work and fit it in for a few shots. The props were great, her patience top notch. My son is anything but cooperative for photos, but by the end he warmed enough for us to get at least 1 picture. Thanks, Mary! We look forward to seeing you again on our next trip up.
Erika Jenkins(non-registered)
As a fellow photographer, I am greatly impressed with Mary Kizina's photography! I love her style. It's always so wonderful to see someone so talented and who loves what they do as much as she does. She has such passion and better yet, a big heart. Now that's the kind of person I want to give my business to!
Katie Schaffer(non-registered)
I have always admired Mary's work, so when I became pregnant, I knew she was going to be my photographer. My daughter, Emma, has proved herself to be stubborn when it comes to pictures. Mary has incredible patience and gets great shots. My husband and I anxiously wait for the email saying our photos are done. Once we have them, we can never pick a favorite because they are all so great! There is no one else I would rather have taking photos of my family!
Marie Kobylak(non-registered)
Mary is an amazing photographer with a great eye for what she does. She did my photos of my husband and I and our dog who has a mind of his own sometimes but she was able to get great shots for me and even took the dogs leash so we could have some of just my husband and I. I can not wait for our next session.
Jaclyn holmes(non-registered)
I started my photography journey with mary when I was pregnant with my first child. And our relationship has grown through 2 pregnancies and 2 children. She captures their personalities through amazing pictures and freezes our favorite moments in time. My children are comfortable with her and always have fun while taking pictures! She's our favorite photograpger! We will always use Mary for our photography needs!
Mary has taken pictures of my kiddos for the past few years and we were honored to have her photograph my sons adoption ceramony. She does a great job and wrangling my three crazies as well!!!
Audrey Sullivan(non-registered)
Mary is the only photographer that can make my Casey smile that true happy-go-lucky smile. Mary is patient, kind, loving and charismatic. That charisma and love is hard to come by and Mary has it. Not often do I frame the pictures I take of my family. However, all of Mary's work is hung up and framed in my house. She captures moments of love and laughter in time and every time I walk past a photograph I smile. You will fall in love with Mary and her work. It is pure talent and love at its finest.
Jeanette Sinyangwe(non-registered)
Mary took pictures for my mom's outdoor wedding last year. They were amazing. She followed them all over Ohio Pyle in the rain and sun for some great shot. She got great shots of newly weds as well as all the family. She recently did family pictures of me, my husband, and our two children. She was able to capture awesome shots from both of my children. They loved being her little models.
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